"Something unusual, I have to admit my skin is much smoother after the treatment „ 

Alice, Italy

"What a nice experience! What a great start to a day!„ 

Filip, Norway

"The beer bath actually made my skin so soft.„ 

Madeline, USA

"The time of my life! We left Spa Beerland absolutely relaxed.„ 

Charlie, London

"So cool! Amazing-quality beer!„ 

Oliver, Florida

"Awesome! 5-star treatment„ 

John, Canada

"A unique experience! I can recommend it to all beer lovers!„

Stephen, Canada


More information

History od the Beer Spa


The first spa were built in ancient China and Egypt where hot springs were used for personal hygiene, medical treatment and better immunity. The first beer spa was documented about 2000 years ago.

Beer baths, including beer drinking, were practiced by folk healers of the past – our grandmothers and great grandmothers recommended brewery yeast for the treatment of many ailments. Brewery yeast is a by-product of beer production. It has been used for medicinal purposes since antiquity.

KARLOVY VARY (Carlsbad / Karlsbad) is a world-renowned spa town, with origins dating back to 1350. The town was established by the Emperor Charles IV and it is famous mainly for its natural thermal healing water. The best-known guests of this unique gem of spa industry in Bohemia included the likes of J. W. Goethe, F. Chopin, N. Paganini, L. V. Beethoven, and Peter the Great.

The First Beer Spa Beerland – the only original beer spa since 1981!




Come and try the original Spa Beerland® beer spas in a unique romantic environment by the warmth of a fireplace! Couples can choose whether they will enjoy the experience together in one tub or if they shall rather select the variant of each having their own tub. To ensure the maximum comfort and resulting effects, we recommend that couples reserve two tubs.

Come and have fun with friends and try out the first Czech Spa Beerland® together! We offer exclusive rentals for groups of 4 people for one hour. It is possible to increase the hourly capacity (up to 8 people per hour) upon personal consultation.

The widest assortment of beer cosmetics is here! Buy trusted products from beer spa professionals and try our unique Spa Beerland® cosmetic line. Beer cosmetics can be bought at our branches.

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